Valery Panov in Ashdod

We have a great privilege to live in Ashdod with one of the famous master of the ballet -Valery Panov. He lives and works in our town, near from us.

His pupil and now administrative director Ilana Orlova kindly agreed to meet with me and answer on my questions.

Ilana, its so much written about you and Valery Panov in the newspapers, but this interest toward your school doesnt cease. The visitors of our site ask you to tell about Valery. We know that you were working together many years.

-Valery Panov was born in 1938 in Vitebsk, Byelorussia. He studied in the choreographic school (by named V. Vaganova) in Saint-Petersburg. Today its The Academy of Russian Ballet. Due time many great masters from Russia and all around the world were studied there such as Nuriev, Makarova, Barishnikov.

After studies Valery was accepted in the Leningrad Small Opera Theatre. There he was the main dancer. In 1960 he became the soloist of Kirov (now Mariin) Theatre an about 60 roles were created by him in this place.

In 1972 he had submitted some documents for departure in Israel. The terrible time began. Valery was expelled from the theatre and received the refuse after his request.

It were passed 2 long years in the persistent struggle with the authorities. But only the world public (the famous people from culture and political sphere) had supported him. There were the several protect demonstrations in USA. The whole company was organized for Valerys returning on the Promise Land. ýêñêëþçèâíûé

Also it was announced the boycott to the Kirov Theatre from abroad. Finally in 1974 Valery Panov has arrived in Israel. He has a dream to give his talent and forces to Israel.

Valery is a ballet dancer and instructor with the world name. His choreography is basing on the best traditions of the classical ballet. Its distinguished by skills, movement in the drama context and transformation of the characteristic dances. The Panovs performances dont similar one another. We can feel it in the individuality of the master. Panovs drama has come in the history of the world art ballet. 

For Germany opera he has put some ballets such as Sinderella by S.Prokofiev, The holy spring by Stravinskii, Peace and war By Prokofiev, Idiot by Stravinskii, Ricardo by Vagner and List,  ýêñêëþçèâíûé

In San-Francisco the Gorianka ballet by Kazlaeva, for Viennas opera-Petrushkaby Stravinski, Shexerezada by Rimski-Korsakov, for the King Swedish Opera 3 sisters by Raxmaninov, for the Norvey Opera in Oslo Gamlet by Shostakovich, for Flamande King Ballet-Romeo and Djulietta by Prokofiev and thats not at all.

Valery Panov is one of the Honorable citizens of New-York and San-Francisco. He had in 1993 an anniversary: 25 years of his activity at the West. And in this year his dream was carried out to create the ballet theatre and the choreographic academy in Israel, in Ashdod as one of the best wonderful city. And the Ashdod municipalitaties and the culture ministry had supported it. ww

- So everything did begin in Ashdod?

- It was a great dream to make something in Israel. But we had no enough money. We were working on the charitable concerts all around the world. And finally 15 years ago they invited us in Israel to open the ballet studio. We came in Rishon-Le-Zion. After many negotiations we saw that it wasnt enough money for opening it. I have even a letter where the mayor of the town asks us to give some money for the construction. We thought maybe we have no success to work in Israel. Suddenly we met with one the businessman from Ashdod. He invited us and acquainted with Zvi Zilker. Also the political party Ashdod is our house has helped us so much.

And we liked Ashdod at once. Its wonderful city with warm sea, yachts. It has a great perspective in the future. Also there are such children. Certainly it wasnt so simply at the beginning. There were some problems. We began from the small studio. First of all we made programs for kids.3 years ago the great premiere was in the Ashdod stage. The famous Maksim Vengerov was playing (violin). It was as present for us. ww

Since these times it was created so many programs for youth. Education for children and adults is so important thing in our work

- Who is support your projects? Municipalities? Maybe have you any sponsors?

We are proud that we earn 70%from the budget. We made 200 performances at the last season. Also we receive a help from city but it isnt enough for development at the professional ballet. Sometimes large companies help us. For example the Pelephone company subsidized us for the trip in Vitebsk. ww
- And what is about the training payment?

Payment for training is the conditional money.

The talented, serious pupils shouldnt pay for training. Really our studies cost so much money. We work with the best teachers. We try to invite the most expensive teachers especially for the adults. Now we plan to cooperate with one of the teacher from the Moscow Large Theatre. But we grow our troupe who will be our future.

- I know at the beginning it wasnt simple and now you have problems. Tell me, please, more about your ballet school. And what is the purpose of this project?

The purpose of this project is the creation of the highest world ballet class in Israel.

25yearts ago when Valery was repatriated in Israel, he tried to open the ballet theatre and the choreographic school. But only in our days he has opportunity to transfer his experience and knowledge for development of the classical ballet in Israel. Today you can see an understanding public in Israel, also we have the demands on the ballet performances, especially among the new repatriates. ww

- From what kids age do you receive in your troupe?

From 5 years old.

- Have you any requirements for them?

At the beginning of the new year we have many children. So many people wants to put their child in this school with the high level it is. But at the end of the years we see fewer children. Only serious pupils remain.

As you see we doesnt play with them, we make the professionals from them. The further work shows who has the best extension, work capacity and rhythmic.

- Is there also such?

-Yes, certainly. There is the ballet program from the Ministry of the Education. This program includes some objects such as : the ballet history, various technical methods anatomy and, of course, the classic and modern ballet.

We work in the Art Centre in Ashdod.

- Do you go on tour? ww

Certainly! Children have to be in the collective. They are part of us. So the experience comes to keep on the stage, to act in the various conditions.

- Does Your pupils work with you after having finished their studies?.

- Certainly. There is no concept " having finished study ". They act in performances, concerts in the parallel training. All of graduates are professionals. As we are proud very much. Also it was the purpose of our project. To give the work to the Israelites and dont invite actors from abroad under the contract of. We have the " ballet alija ": in fact in Ashdod many families move from various cities of Israel. Finally we have got a big dream: to make a boarding school which can collect all talented guys from everywhere.

- There was A German school of ballet?

- No, Russian one. I have received so much from Russian school with its traditions. But I am trying to absorb the best that I find in other schools.

- And what ballet is preferred all the same by you? Classical? A modern style?

- I prefer the Valerys one. It is classics, only in original execution. They are fond very much of a modern style in the last time. It is a pity. Certainly, we can put such performances more cheaply, but it is a pity to leave classics forever.

- I know that some actors like to execute more , than to enjoy to the another's execution.

- I love ballet. But its so hard for me. I professionally see all lacks. For example in the French ballet there is a beauty of a body and movements. So all is perfected, that is simply incredible. But there is no soul. In Russian ballet the soul has a central place. We aspire to perfection, to synthesis of the best schools of ballet.

- I wish you with Valery perfection in your art and the big creative successes. Thanks for interview.

- I know that some actors like to execute more, than to enjoy to the another's execution.